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Mens Spandex for Swimming
Mens Spandex for Swimming

Mens Spandex for Swimming

Mens Spandex for Swimming swimwear covers a huge range of designs everything from your basic Speedo all the way to ultra micro pouch only spandex swimwear and hundreds of styles in between. Mens Spandex for Swimming swimsuit styles are far removed from trunks and surf shorts which all tend to be very similar other than the printed design of the fabric. Mens Spandex for Swimming suits include a vast collection of designs and designers. In this segment we are going to talk about one of the worlds most progressive men's swimwear designs Michael David and his company Koalaswim.

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Koala for short makes so of the most extreme Mens Spandex for Swimming swimwear designs in the USA for shipment all over the world. These extreme styles have their beginings in Europe but once they hit the shores of the USA they became truely extreme. Michael david tells us that about half of Koala's production gets shipped to Europe and Asia. Most guys are just starting to get into Mens Spandex for Swimming. They will start with a standard cut bikini and go smaller from there. It is a big change to go from wearing surf shorts to a tiny spandex bikini but men have been doing this in droves making spandex swimwear the hot fashion trend the last few seasons in fact on a worldwide basis spandex designs have passed shorts and surf trunks.


Fashion has become very important to many men and all the huge fashion trends are happening with Mens Spandex for Swimming suit styles.

Here is a listing of many of the designs

Bikinis, brazilian cut bikinis, sheer and semi sheer bikinis, male enhancement bikinis, micro bulge bikinis, fem style male to female transformation bikinis, huge blow out pouch style bikinis, micro and ultra micro designs which include the ultra tan style suits. Thong in many style including, low cut, high cut, micro pouch, enhancement pouch, sheer and semi sheer thongs and so many more. There a g-strings, pouch oly designs, male form suits some that exactly duplicate the size and shape of your equipment both soft and hard along with spadex fetish style suits that are beyond your wildest dreams.


There is so much to see in Mens Spandex for Swimming swimwear and swimsuit designs and we will help you find the perfect suit for your body.


Check out  the Koalaswim.com site at Mens swimwear

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